Thanks to Max (3:40pm section) for providing these links & commentary:

This guy is the founder of TED, hes talking about the crowd accelerated innovation I mentioned yesterday. Hes kinda goofy, but has some really great insight.

This guy is the inventor of the world wide web. In this presentation, hes making a plea for people, governments, and business to put their raw data online so that it can be open to the public. He says that he wants to create a network of linked data to solve global issues.

This is the same guy as the last talk, except its a year later. He is presenting the results of all the open data that was put online, theres some really amazing things that were done with it.

This is the talk that Tim was talking about in his first talk. Hans Rosling is a well-known statistician and teacher who creates some really cool animations with open data. He starts discussing the internet near the end of the talk as well.

And finally, heres an author reading a funny poem he wrote on the internet.